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Hobidi Bob
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What a great topic. I have had a goal since i was 17 to be financally free by 30. I am now 28. Have had many road blocks in my way but wont stop learning and moving forward.

My realisation of how not to be free was when I was a teenager. I watched my mother work 5 days a week for a company that doesnt value her. I watched my father own a business where he would leave 4.30am Monday morning and get home lunch time saturday or sunday. My relationship with my dad was almost non existant as he was never home. This bring my first point of freedom, I wont to be able to run my own schedule so I can be with my kids when I need to be. Not just my kids, but my wife too.

For me, money is a huge factor. I want to provide for them in a way that most families cant. Freedom is not being worried about where the next $ is going to come from to pay for bills, sports, entertainment, education, travel and other opportunities.

Currently my wife and I have had to return to work full-time due to a business deal gone wrong. This hasnt deterred us at all. We are merely back to get financially right and are on track to be back in business by end of this year. We are reaaly struggling with the idea that we need to work when told to again, have a boss again. In saying this, we have learned many lessons, are appreciative of what owning a business can give you and made us hungrier than ever.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my goals