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Hi Kelly

This is a great idea and my definition of freedom has changed for me over the years. It’s interesting reading other people’s thoughts.

1. For me, freedom used to be just financial. The feeling of the weight off your shoulders in being able to meet the next bill. But recently, I have come to think about freedom as so much more. Yes, there’s the ability to be there for the kids. But now it’s more about being confident in myself and being able to deal with rejection and any hiccups along the way. Freedom for me is also about having the support of a partner who has sacrificed his own dreams (for the moment) to help me follow mine. It’s also about wanting to work on a Saturday night because I know I am helping someone with their own dreams (and knowing I can have Monday off because I’m up to date with my work).

2. Starting out as a freelancer, I have taken the “safe” route – combining my work with my “day” job, working nights and weekends to fit it all in. I enjoy flexible hours in my “day” job and now that I have done the hard yards am getting to a place where I can enjoy the freedoms of flexibility, creativity and joy generally, that I have been trying to achieve in my freelance role. It’s harder work but funnily enough, more enjoyable so the freedoms mean more.

3. Kym Campradt at http://www.kymcampradt.com