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Cesar, post: 210155 wrote:
To sum up this thread in its entirety, do what I did. I hanged around this reputable forum for a few months, stirred a few pots with what I already know about business and online marketing, and then I chose the service providers who I knew were true professionals within their industry.

Flying Solo, has provided me with everything I need for a successful business.

Another Pet Peeve Word Aidan, is “Advise” and “Advice”, I see too many individuals use these two words incorrectly.

That sounds dreadfully obsequious Cesar – are you trying to impress the administration, or me? I have no illusions about a forum providing me with a business – I run several businesses – i just come on here to provide a little experience based knowledge to the struggling business people – they are so often given the wrong advice by know it all green sticks who have only just left school – no wonder the business failure rate is so high in this country.