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Hi Eastern Connections,
The BIG problem for any e-commerce site is how to attract and convert site visitors into customers.

IMHO, forget your worry about the e-commerce system. At this stage, you don’t seem to know enough to ask the important questions to select one. (Sorry if I offend.)

1. E-com Software
It is not so much the software that is important, it is the knowledge of the developer who installs it and the direction given by the site owner.

A focus on questions about which shopping cart or content management system (and theme) to use suggest to me you don’t have enough info to make a success of your venture.

2. Where the site is hosted
This is such a minor technical issue. As long as you have Google Webmaster Tools installed and admin access you can define your site’s target country.

This question is important in so far as it suggests to me the level of support you need.

3. Support for the distribution, banking and accounting functions
These can be mission critical areas for an e-commerce site. You only address a small number of potentially mission critical factors. Do you know what the others are?

If I can suggest, start with pulling together a team who can help educate you before you attempt to make implementation decisions.

I’d definitely put John Debrincat on my list of people to call about support and training services for e-com websites.