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hi Naomi

Please allow me to contribute to your situation:

Firstly, the quote you have received does sound expensive.

When importing from China it is important to know what port the goods have been sent from.

In general, freight charges from china are not expensive HOWEVER its the wharf fees on arrival that are variable can be very costly as most suppliers in china receive commission.

A reasonable estimate of charges incorporating Freight + arrival port charges + customs clearance + Delivery is approximately AUD 1000.

As others have mentioned you also need to factor in the customs duty / GST / government electronic processing fees.

Another important factor when dealing with China is to ask your supplier if they are a registered exporter from china – you should ask for registeration number.

If they are not a registered exporter they need to export through a trade company which increases costs substantially.

i hope the above has been helpful.

I am new to the FlyingSolo community. My background is 7 years in senior leadership positions in International Freight companies and I have been involved in a numer of successful start ups (not freight related!)

My new venture is to consolidate my knowledge and provide virtual support to new importers / exporters & start ups through my business YOUR VIRTUAL TEAM.

I provide independant advice as I am not working for a freight forwarder although i can recommend forwarders and customs broker and I receive no commissions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. I can help you compare quotes and crunch some numbers if that would be useful.

Emily Pearson