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All great advice here from some long term forum importers and some newer ones. Must say though that it sounds like it is being overcomplicate a little.

As most have suggested already, including myself and Maclean, it is most important to speak to a local forwarder to make it all smooth and transparent in costs.

If you have already fallen in love with the product from this manufacturer, being licensed or not to export will have little bearing. Especially if you have already settled on a price of goods. The freight can be discussed after this and price will not vary for freight costs (that I ama aware of) if they are not a registered expory company? If I am wrong, please let me know guys/gals.

Any advice I give anyone importing is be happy on your spend per item and source a good import agent (along with lawyer and accountant and maybe a business coach if you have skill gaps).

Just push through it young lady…


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