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checkvault, post: 208000 wrote:
What’s the perfect thing you found to sell? You mentioned that you were figuring out what you’d enjoy selling, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Or is it still in the works?

In any case, I can very well relate to your excitement. All the best. Stay disciplined is what I can say.

Look forward to hearing good updates.



Howdy Prathamesh,

Seen your intro, sweet.. hope all is well?

Re the perfect thing to sell, you dont see a lot of peeps in the forum disclose too much about what they do.. This can vary for many reasons, such as:
– some feel it is important not to disclose in fear of others pilfering the idae
– the uncertainty of it all
– are new and not sure about who is in here
– its an open forum that anyone can read
– not relevant for the advice provided, in most situations
– and they dont know us :)

Really, i find it more to do with human nature and not individuals that we come from a culture of not sharing nor disclosing things such as ideas or on some occasions even our names in forums :( although as some people get comfortable in an environment more is disclosed)…

Sorry, went off on a little side conversation as i just find humanity quite interesting..


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