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Byron Trzeciak, post: 208176 wrote:
Overall on first glance at the site it looks quite nice but what really bugs me is the counters that you have on the page.

My reading of it was that you’d had 32 cups of coffee and made 2 plugins? To me that makes me think you’re a coffee addict and you’re not necessarily getting huge amount of work or when you do you’re taking your time drinking coffee instead.

I know that’s not the case but i just think these kind of things send all the wrong messages and they’re only clever for the person who put them there. You’d be better showing some testimonials or highlight some of the plugins you’ve already created and what they did in a brief summary. Everything you put on the page should have a purpose which is to convert visitors into customers. If it’s not doing that then i’d reconsider it.Agreed. I guess he is trying to ‘quirkify’ his site to make it more human but it’s a fine line.

At least he didn’t go down route of ranking his skills like I have seen done with that particular theme.

Web design 90%
Web development 85%
UI design 78%

LOL – why on earth are they suggesting their not great at something!