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My Guy
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If something is going to take me more than 2 hours to complete and I am not familiar or trained in that area (I would be relying on Google to do most of the work) I out source the job.

^ This works great for me as it allows me to focus on moving the business forward.

I also do what Tony does and charge yourself out to your own business (but I do not do it to the potential extent he said).

I know how much I charge out in an hourly rate and I usually get a quote from someone and work out how much it’s going to cost, then work out how long it’s going to take me to do the job and then I just out source it if it’s going cost me more of my time.

Things come down to Time & Money we all know that. But we have to remember each business is different.

I come from the service industry, the more hours I work for a client the more money I get paid.

In this industry time is important and it’s sometimes easier to out source everything.. so when you finish a 10 – 12 hour day your not at home trying to make stuff.

If there is one thing I know about a successful business and that’s SWITCHING OFF / TAKING A BREAK!

Find hours that suit your business… when are you most needed in your role to make the business move forward. find the times when the business least needs you and put in your calendar that you are NEVER TO WORK THESE HOURS.

You must take time out to read a book, go for a walk, stretch your legs, go see a friend catch up on old times, go to the movies, go see a family member, or better still go on a holiday.

Too many people don’t do this and get sick and tired of their lifes owning a business and it makes them drained, when they get drained they run the business to the ground.

Grant L, post: 208139 wrote:
Having 2 young toddlers in the background also makes simple things, such as THINKING, quite a difficult task.

Hey Grant,

I hate to say this, but not sure on where your pointing your business but this is really bad for your mindset and moving the business forward.

You need to come up with an alternative solution to stop this distraction, because it can lead to stress and anger.

I work from home (for now)

I have two giant hyperactive dogs who love to play 24/7, they play fight in the house & seek my attention while I am working.

I am also renovating a house, so I have the wife and others whinging to get stuff done.

FYI, I leave my home office to go work from somewhere else for the day, I usually go to my parents home, I try to book in 1 meeting or appointment EVERYDAY to get me out of the house and away from the everyday mundane stuff that angers me when I am there 24/7

Try and do the best you can to get the bad energy out of your office.