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Unng, post: 208445 wrote:

So I’m the owner of a non-registered company which sells virtual or digital goods. There is an online game called Minecraft which is very monetizable. Anyway, I am the owner of a server which sells ranks and in-game items. I know people who also own servers and have registered an ABN and the main reason I would like to do it is so I can have a business paypal account.

When registering for an ABN, what category should I choose for a company that sells digital goods, and are sites such as abnregistration.com.au as good as using the governement site?


$210 to register an ABN(or $90 on speciaL), while on the abr website you can do it yourself for free. unless you have no idea about filling in forms it is an easy process. And if you think about it you have to give them exactly the same information as the abr.Ijust looked at the website you mentioned, and it is almost the same form you have to fill out.