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Hi Snakeman,
I can’t begin to guess what will happen with Google Plus (“Google Places”, “Google Business” or its other names).

I can tell you that it has had a long history of problems and it seems that Google would dearly like it to succeed.

G has overhauled this system many times in its attempt to make it more valuable.

A very subjective opinion…

I think what is killing it is:

  • It’s data base of business contact details listings is terribly out of date and inaccurate.
  • There have been so many world-wide listing and “G+ marketing services” scamming it
  • There are too few REAL business reviews of Places businesses
  • It can only handle very limited business category searches
  • Most small business owners are not interested in listing with it

IMHO, G has been desperately trying to encourage user generated content because it can’t generate content itself in a world-wide environment. So far it seems to be failing.

Can it turn this around? BTHOOM. (Beats the hell out of me.)

IMHO, this is one of Google’s biggest Achilles’ heel.