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MissSassy, post: 208633 wrote:
I really like Google+, there are some great people on there and great communities too.

Who knows what Google will or wont do but you have to decide if it is worthwhile for your business and that you will have the time to regularly post and interact.
Hi Kelly,
I was really thinking about Google Places/Business when I replied above.

If I remember correctly Snakeman started this thread following another’s comments on Google Places and my mind was still on that thread.

Google Plus is different. It does seem to have very different demographics to Facebook and it does seems to be struggling with growing an active user base.

There are many articles published about G+ and Fb like this one:

Nov 14: “Google+ Demographics for 2014 and 2015

Some quotes:

“Google+ is only useful for a certain type of audience”

“Despite the large number of users registered on Google+ (1 billion*), it still commands a tiny fraction of social network time per month”

“…While Facebook users average 21 minutes per day, Google+ users average 6 minutes per month …that is, 12 seconds per day.

So should you use Google+ for your business? We can’t answer that question for you, but it pays to look at the usage data and the demographics.”

(* I understand that everyone with a Gmail address is a registered G+ user whether they post on G+ or not?

I suggest the last piece of advice be applied to all social media.

PS Since the article was published, G has stopped giving prominence to author’s pics in SERPs so this statement has been superseded, “Google authorship, for instance, clearly gave prominence in search results to those with Google+ accounts…”