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JohnW, post: 210143 wrote:
Hi Thorn,
I don’t think anyone here expects G to take any notice of this discussion.

I certainly recommend that businesses claim their Google+ (Local/Maps/Local Business Center/Places/My business/etc.) listing and ensure it is accurate.

I’m so POed because the biggest Internet company in the world has not been able to get its business directory accurate since 2004.

You might like to read this:

A Brief History of Google Places

It covers 2004 – 2012. Check out the red “News Items” column for some of the spam reports.

There are whole business categories that G has had to delete world-wide then reinstate and maybe delete again for their wide-spread misuse/abuse. I can name:

advertising agencies
web designers/developers
SEO consultants

(FS discussed these missing Places categories on 24 Jun 11 and 23 May 11)

If you are referring to G+ as a social media platform, that is an entirely different topic. It is useful to communicate with certain demographics.

Yes, being the global ‘almost monopoly’ they are also the self styled police force of internet commerce-since their search results have become central to a lot of business. If I had my way there would many ‘Googles’ and maybe the future will look different-it is after all still pretty early days for our global network, 20 years is nothing. I suppose we will have to wrestle with the mighty gorilla for a while yet :)