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Couple It, post: 208788 wrote:
I think you’re misinterpreting.

If you consider it logically, that would be like the Australian government telling everyone else in the world “we have GST so any time you sell to an Australian customer, we want you to charge them GST and then submit a BAS and forward the money to us.” lol

Wendy :)

Hi Wendy,
I totally agree that the notion of it is completely stupid; however, have a read through the links I posted earlier, I doubt I’m misinterpreting it as this is the same interpretation Forbes have: http://www.forbes.com/sites/janetnovack/2014/05/15/european-vat-10-things-online-sellers-need-to-know-about-taxes-on-digital-goods-and-services/

Quote from the Forbes article:
“VAT law in place since 2003 requires a US business that is not tax resident in the EU (a nonresident seller) to collect and pay VAT on all digital goods and services sold in the EU consumer market”

“Virtually all goods and services which can be purchased and downloaded by retail consumers on the web are within the scope of the VAT rules”

and lastly:
“Digital businesses in the US and around the world are well advised to act now to eliminate unnecessary VAT exposures for selling into the EU consumer market”