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JohnW, post: 209314 wrote:
I’m constantly examining different online business market places. In the course of these audits I’m exploring the top ranked SE competition’s use of social media.

Two findings from these very broad explorations:

1. Most top ranked small business websites still don’t have any Facebook, Twitter, etc. presence

2. I find sites which have no social media presence are equally out ranking sites that do.

Try a Google search for: railway sleepers

The site that ranks # 1 has no social media program. I could fill pages with similar examples.

Can you offer us a Google reference that tells us how “social is intertwined as part of SEO” and what impact that has?

How about some examples of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) programs that have improved your client’s SE referrals over 3 months for a few hundred dollar budget?

How do you decide whether to advise a small business client to spend scarce dollars on adding content to their own site or on a social media program?

JohnWThe problem is that not everyone is selling railway sleepers.