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Marek, post: 208779 wrote:
Hey, I didn’t find a topic like this or maybe I didn’t search correctly.. Anyway I was wondering that is it good idea to show your products prices in the web or is the better idea to get your visitor to ask a quote? I am currently trying the way of showing prices from the start because it’s littlebit different from the competition and in my opinion the quote-asking-process takes more of potential customers time. But for seller maybe it’s better to warm up a client in that way? So which way is smarter to use?

Depending where your business sits in revenue and the type of service it sits under is a key aspect in this scenario.

For arguments sakes, showing the pricing shows integrity and promotes quality customers that will follow through – generally speaking you need to be ahead of the competition in pricing or alternatively be a recognized brand. You can promote this by advising that a customer experience survey must be completed as part of the process as well as a means of maximizing the low costing as it will give you an edge on the customers needs, wants and expectations and can provide you insight on how to exceed them as well.

Alternatively, If you where to promote a quotation system you must be confident that you have already identified and exceeded the needs of customers thus minimizing the aspect of pricing as they will be more focused on the product then they are the pricing regardless of a lowest quote guarantee as almost every business does. Promoting a stand by my product guarantee will also help solidify this however in my opinion, the first option is better as it will help you identify your market in a fast and efficient matter. Yes initial revenue may not be as great as you had hoped however it will pave the way for a long standing organisation

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