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Gizmo, post: 211135 wrote:
MondoTalk has a similar range of API’s if you are looking to make Twilio type integration with your own application or connect it to your own PBX.

Twilio is a good solution if you are located in the US. However for Australia its not that good due to the potential delays in the voice. This is because media/voice is a real time communication and having media bounce out of the use is not what I would consider business quality.

I’m saying the above based on experience as we have ex twilio customers with who were experiencing poor audio and voice dela this issue which MondoTalk solved.

So if you are looking for Twilio type integration for voice, sms and more please consider the Australian alternative designed to have business grade not just locally but globally too, MondoTalk.

I appreciate that you are promoting – but that is quite frankly untrue, Twilio operates in Australia also, digital voice data travels at the speed of light – you are not going to detect any delays any more than in any VOIP system , which of course is vulnerable to internet bottlenecks, which accounts for occasional dropouts in any VoIP-based system – it is commonly experienced. My system which resides on Amazon servers is actually very good, and equals anything offered – I support quite a few clients on it .