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MichaelDigital, post: 211143 wrote:
digital voice data travels at the speed of light
Actually, no. A more correct term would be “speed of wire” – naturally, it depends on the inter-connects betwen the IP phone and the SIP endpoint.

– you are not going to detect any delays any more than in any VOIP system ,
While you may not necessarily “hear” a delay – the voice service is still packaged up in TCP and/or UDP so it’s still subject to the same requisite delay that any other TCP/UDP packet is subject to on an local or wide area network.
It’s quite simple. If I run a ping between my local connection and mondotalk’s SIP server based here, and the same ping between here and Twilio’s US SIP endpoint, there will be a difference in response time (or delay, which is what ICMP measures)
So, naturally, yes – there is most definitely a communication delay that occurs when one end-point is located further away than another. Whether it’s enough to notice in the speech, is a different matter.

which of course is vulnerable to internet bottlenecks, which accounts for occasional dropouts in any VoIP-based system – it is commonly experienced.
Well, yes, of course. All VOIP services are vulnerable to bottlenecks (or QoS) as it’s all constrained by the lower layers on the stack. Doesn’t really matter how to try to spin it – bottlenecks or something else.
Regardless – the same internet connection at my end-point, suffering congestion, will still experience better performance to a local server than an international server (unless of course, the congestion is close to the server node, rather than close to me.)

My system which resides on Amazon servers is actually very good, and equals anything offered – I support quite a few clients on it .
Yep, which Amazon servers? I’d be interested to spin up a couple of identical EC2 instances in the SEA region and also in the US East and US West region and actually run traceroutes and ping tests but I’m almost certain that you’d see slower response times to USW and USE than SEA.