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MichaelDigital, post: 211342 wrote:
The Amazon global network, as you may know, has regional access nodes, the one servicing Australia is the Sydney based one – this is what makes AWS services so efficient, fast and scalable – not to mention very economical – voice data is digitally identical with any other data. You will always experience variations in the throughput in accordance with the infrastructure, backbone e.t.c
the variations in actual user experience is going to minimal – as it stands even the public switched network produces echo, and delay in some international calls; so the VoIP call quality is not much different overall.

Just to add. Voice data is only identical from the point of view its a data packet.
But at the application level its very different.
Voice data is MUCH more susceptible to networks with Jitter and Packet loss.
I would not reccomend running voice over infrastructure that can add to this.
Typically these are infrastructures that timeslice CPU, RAM, Harddisk and Network resource across multiple clients. This time slicing can add jitter and this then increases latency due to the need of jitter buffers. Or even worse if the jitter is big enough it leads to packet loss or bad audio as after a certain length of delay in jitter then at the application level the data is disregarded as its arrived to late.

Coneptually its like this (not exactly but this is an easy to understand example) You say hello into a phone.
This gets digitized into data. Lets say 5 packets one for each letter ( this is the conceptual part).
A delay is then encountered while Amazon systems fire up more resources for your server or as it slices in someone else’s request.
This happens when the letter “e” data packet is trying to be processed.
This then means all the packets arrive around the same time to the person listening to you.
They system cannot wait for the “e” as its taken too long already.
The net result
1) A delay
2) An incomplete word leading to bad audio.