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arrowwise, post: 211369 wrote:
I would be interested to test the call quality via this Amazon overseas VOIP system versus that of a local Australia tier one business grade VOIP provider. If there is a test call I can make to some-one on that network let me know.

The average business / customers doesn’t even know what a business grade call should sound like, and unfortunately many are putting up (or unknowingly accepting) substandard call quality compared to a rock steady traditional PSTN phone system.

That is very true – often customers are led by the nose into using VoIP phone systems when the publicly available choices are more than adequate – it just depends what you want to do – in my own case I offer SMS services so this little system allows me to do that without incurring massive costs. Checksum, it is a wonderful little component of the IP protocol, very old, but works like a charm for stray packets ;) Anyway – when we have done parading our learning, what was the question?