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Just a bit of caution – if you are working as a bookkeeper at a bookkeeping services business then providing similar services would be considered counter competitive to your employer. Depends on how your contract is worded your employer may take legal action if you do provide similar services.

Most bookkeepers provide services to their chosen niche industries. For example a bookkeeper providing services to Cafes might choose to go with Xero because Cafe business is relatively simple and doesn’t need to carry inventory as such. Same with Restaurants, Saloons and other service providing businesses. If a bookkeeper chose to niche into retail then probably look at MYOB or Reckon as these applications would provide more features to support such a business set up. Inventory is the major part of a retail business and managing this would require some robustness which is supported by the above software.

Converting clients to your chosen software is also possible. These days most of the software providers are helping with converting data files. Xero is very big in this space.