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MatthewKeath, post: 210690 wrote:

I am advising my clients, like I have for the last three years, to ensure they have a responsive website.

The fact Google is sending people webmaster tool notifications telling people telling people to ensure their website is mobile friendly is not enough for some, but it’s one (damn good) more reason for me.
Hi Matt,
We are in complete agreement about the need for mobile enhancement for any new site.

My message seems to be getting lost…

I’m trying to address what will be the SEO tactics needed in the smartphone algo world.

Let me offer some observations:

  • The one constant we have from G over its entire life is that its primary goal is to deliver the most RELEVANT results.
  • Technical problems aside, nothing in Google Webmaster Tools currently has any impact on SE ranking
  • Technical problems aside, no current Google warnings have any impact on SE ranking
  • Nothing in the mobile speed and usability test tools currently have any significant impact on SE rankings. (Slow load speed is currently hurting around 1% of desktop websites.)

It seems we have a lot of folk turning to webmaster tool and G’s speed and user-friendliness tools as they believe this is where SEO tactics will go in the smartphone era.

My question is, why?

The purpose of these tools is currently for problem diagnosis. G has never used them to address search result RELEVANCE in its algo.

I can’t find a recent estimate for how many websites are smartphone enabled. I’m going to offer a very subjective assessment that it is closer to 10% than 90%. That includes all the mobile sites that are twice as slow as non-mobile sites.

So what is G likely to do with its mobile algo?

IMHO, it will not have enough mobile websites with fast load speed and user friendliness to provide RELEVANT information.

IMHO, G is more likely to use ranking parameters such as:

  • location
  • Universal search,
  • “query deserves freshness”
  • Youtube videos
  • Certain schema signals
  • Brand/company search

This is just my opinion based on studying SEs and the consequential logic applied to how the G algo works as we currently know it.

If I get three out of these six predictions right I will be elated.

I will not be surprised to learn that G will make many huge changes to how its smartphone algo and index works over the next few years. IMHO, its initial smartphone algo is likely to be “small beer”.