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Hi All,
This seems to be the latest video offering from Google on its smartphone algorithm changes….

25 Mar 15: “Google Clarifies The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Week, Be A Yes/No Response & More

Be warned, it is a “techie” talk fest around an hour long…

As usual, we only get a few factual gems and the rest we have to read between the lines based on our knowledge of SEs and SEO.

A few “gems” in it to me were:

1. The Smartphone Algo
If you listen to the video, be aware that the new Google algo only pertains to smartphones. The presenters seem to slip into talking about the total mobile search market (meaning searches on Ipads and tablets as well as smartphones). Mobile searches on tablets and Ipads will continue to use the desktop algorithm.

2. Hundreds of Parameters in Mobile Algo
There are at least three references in this video to the “hundreds” of ranking factors in the new smartphone algo.

3. The Mobile-friendly Ranking Component
The smartphone “mobile-friendly” parameter is described as an “on or off” or “yes/no” parameter. I assume that means there will be a fixed ranking “boost” imparted in the search results to web pages that are “mobile-friendly”.

4. Significance of the Mobile-friendly Parameter in Ranking Results
A question in the video: “Would a non-mobile friendly brand site be out-ranked by a mobile friendly non-brand site for a brand search?

The Google answer: (Following another reference to all the other ranking factors in the algo,) “I would be surprised if a mobile non-brand site out-ranked a non-mobile brand site for a brand search.

5. What G Says About the Smartphone Algo.
(Webmaster Central Blog. Finding more mobile-friendly search results)

The first sentence is, “When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results“.

Two things the smartphone “mobile-friendly” ranking parameter can’t do is offer any impact on “relevant and timely results”.

So, what will be the factors in the Smartphone algorithm that provide G’s primary objectives of “relevant and timely results”?

Guess we will have to wait to find out the answers to this question.