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MatthewKeath, post: 211141 wrote:
While the ranking weight of ‘mobile friendly’ can be debated (I suspect is will be massive) having a great mobile responsive site is good for our customers.

I did a quick search ‘carpet cleaners’ and about 50% of sites were mobile friendly. (as evidenced by a special tag Google placed)
Hi Matt,
If you do the same search on a desktop from the same location as your phone search, you should see much the same search results because the mobile phone algo has not kicked in yet.

No one is saying that mobile-friendly is not important. I’m just saying that I believe we will see there are a bunch of other very important ranking elements on top of the simple usability parameters that are currently defined in G’s “mobile-friendly” tool.

My opinion is based on:

  • The current tool does not really assess mobile-friendliness. If it did, it would be looking at web page load speed.
  • The current mobile-usability tool cannot offer any impact on search result relevance or timeliness. These are stated as G’s two most important attributes for mobile phone search results.
  • G’s history of how long it takes to implement major algo changes.

IMHO, G is desperately trying to force the world to a position where it removes more barriers to searching on mobile phones so it can generate more mobile Adwords revenue. The first and easier step is to address usability issues. The biggie and harder problem will be tackling the problem of page load speed.

I suggest this algo change is potentially as complex as anything G has introduced since it first launched. The first step will be small in the scheme of things. I do believe this will be a very long pathway that we are embarking on (decades – if G lasts this long) with many, frequent and major changes along the way.

Look at how long relatively simple algo updates like Panda and Penguin have behind them.

Panda = Launch date Feb 11
Penguin = Launch date Apr 12

PS. I do wish G would stop calling pages mobile-friendly when it is not using the page’s mobile phone load speed in its tag definition.

The first 2 “mobile-friendly” sites I clicked on, my phone switched off while waiting for them to load.

(6 Mar 15, “…out of SMX West from Google’s Gary Illyes is that factors like page speed signals for ranking are based on the desktop version, not the mobile version“)