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MatthewKeath, post: 211975 wrote:
Interesting article, but why would you only convert 3 pages on your site? Unless you site is built in pure html and is hard to change.

99% of sites in this forum will be in WordPress or another CMS, which makes sense to convert them all at the same time.

It should be noted that his site is mobile friendly. (and WordPress)
Hi Mattt,
Google tells me there are 75 million WordPress sites out of 1 billion. I don’t know how accurate these numbers are.

I think the points being made by Martinez are that:

  • many/most mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly pages must be a communications compromise
  • in terms of attracting SE referrals, “mobile-friendliness” is possibly only of significance for a small number of site pages or for certain types of businesses

It is the first issue that seems to be escaping people’s understanding. The communications capability of a small mobile phone screen that is mostly used “on the run” MUST be very different and limited compared to a 1900 pixel wide desktop monitor in a fixed office or home location where people have the time to read/study/comprehend/explore info.

I suggest that the communications characteristics of mobile phone and desktop screens are as different as those of newspaper and television communications.

If you are publishing a page for mobile phone users, it will probably contain limited text and may contain more pics/videos than a desktop viewer’s page. The page layout will be very constrained as will be the available on-screen information.

A desktop page may contain a lot more text to achieve its comms objectives. It is much more flexible and informative with the on-screen visible info it can contain.

From an SEO perspective, the desktop page is likely to rank higher in the search results because SEs are designed to find long content pages.

So, what are you going to recommend to your clients?

  • Do you tell them to publish their sites with lots of short content web pages that are more mobile-friendly but which will be hard to find in the SEs or,
  • should they publish longer content pages that are desktop-friendly for Google’s desktop algo?

You can’t have it both ways.

Maybe that is why Martinez is suggesting that people publish selected pages to be mobile-friendly.