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Hi Nat,

Good for you…!

I feel like the markting avenue you’re focussed on pursuing may not be most suited to the position you’re currently at. Having said that; you definitely need an online presence and frequent facebook interaction (as mentioned by a previous poster) is important, but I don’t believe it should be your #1 avenue).

Although more time consuming, I’d rather see you out on the street in the physical world, being recognised in your community…
– drop flyers and talk to people in their yards (5:00 pm-7:00 pm),
– door to door during the days (targeting stay at home mums/dads),
– but, most importantly, working tirelessly to impress your current customers in an attempt to promte “brand advocates” (the people that will SELL for you! i.e. referring you to all their friends!)…

I really hope you start to see an increase in clients requesting services and you come back real soon and pose a new question to the forum:
– “How do I expand my cleaning business?… I have too much work and can’t do it all myself!”