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Tiggerito, post: 210124 wrote:
And after all that you can run your business ;-)

Most SMBs don’t have the time or inclination to do their own advertising, SEO and social media, citation building. Heck, it’s a hard job for me to get them to do the odd post on Facebook or write the one bit of copy I asked for.

Your tips on Local SEO are good. Again though, it takes time that most business owners don’t have. And from experience, when they do have a go they often get things wrong.

I think one should never make assumptions about what is best for a specific business. Facebook ads may work brilliant for one business but never generate a lead for another. Same with AdWords. No harm in testing both, but make sure you understand enough about them so you don’t just throw your money away. Again, I’ve taken over home-made (and professional) ad accounts that are just giving Google money.

p.s. Thanks JohnW for the endorsement :-)

Yes indeed, agreed about Facebook – I have seen some brilliant results and it does cloud your perspective – it tends to depend on how you set up your campaigns, it requires a creative flair and many biz owners don’t have either the patience, or the time to devote to studying it; works well though if you can. A/B testing is definitely essential :) And yes also to Ad words accounts that just bleed cash – once again it is a question of knowing what you are doing – so it can pay premiums for biz owners to hire good people and I suppose ‘word of mouth’ and cliques are one of the oldest means for that to occur – you only have to study the history of the ‘Masons’ to see that at work…eh?