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Hi Ben … I agree with some of the earlier posters that you should look at your local SEO and make sure you are appearing in the 7 pack for any keywords that are related to graphic designers in your location.

This gets you on page 1 for free for very relevant keywords and your business will be more prominent in maps as well and you will gain more exposure and business in the process.

the basics of Local SEO (it is different to organic SEO) is to get quality citations across the internet where your businesses Name, Address, Phone number and more is mentioned but you also need to make sure all this is as consistent as possible and corresponds with what it says on your website. So a little but of thought about how you want the name of your business and other details displayed online is needed at the start.

You can find places to list your graphic design business here:

The sites more specific to graphic designers will be near the top. I would recommend showcasing your work andor listing your business at:
Behance (for digital design)
Dribbble (if appropriate)

and then a lot of the other generic sites .. and focus on local services as well that are just for the sunshine coast as I think these are increasingly important.

There is a link directly to the “add listing” page for most services.

We can help you manage the whole process at https://www.mypresences.com/ and you can signup for free forever to manage up to 20 presences.

Good luck with it … (I am on the sunshine coast often if you want to see more or need help with local seo).