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JamesNorquay, post: 216716, member: 44065 wrote:
Have you ever purchased a .com.au domain they start at $19 usually as they have a min- 2 year term.

Unless you are buying a .info domain for your business they are 99 cents

Correction: .au have a term of 2 years only. No more and no less. You also cannot renew them unless you’re within 90 days of expiration.

The .info price you mentioned is a registry promotion at the moment I think you’ll find. Just as .pw did when they launched a while back.

My 2 cents on the matter is shell out a little bit of cash (http://www.zuver.net.au is dirt cheap and based in Australia) and don’t be on free hosting. It comes down to everyone wants free hosting however providers cannot realistically provide it. More so in Australia where the cost of bandwidth, power, rack space, peering, etc is that much higher compared to overseas.