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Hi Twethie, Jason has covered things very thoroughly (All good Jason re comment about supplier may give cheaper price :D ). The main thing that someone in Australia can do is if there are any issues this end, ie Customs, than easier to be dealt with on the ground here.

A couriers charges generally won’t change from pick up at factory or FOB unless the factory is in a remote location. Sea freight I would recommend FOB so the supplier will cover costs to your agents depot. At 80kg I would think that air freight economy would be the way to go but would need exact dimenisons, pick up and delivery cities/postcodes to make sure. With a courier the costs of clearance of goods would be covered in the price and would be a door to door service. It is as simple as booking online and emailing the paperwork direct to supplier and once in Australia paying any duties/GST, goods are then delivered to your door.