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Hey Gizmo!

I’m always interested in teaming up with other businesses for mutual referrals, so please count me in!

If anyone has clients who could benefit from either a Four Step Business Optimisation Plan, which consists of:

1. A FREE Diagnostic analysis and report of their business’ key strengths and
2. A FREE Process Map report of areas of weakness in their business, together with
an action plan of recommendations and suggested tools to improve performance
3. The development, implementation and free and unlimited ongoing support of
the solutions and tools recommended in Step 2
4. Ongoing Tracking and Reporting of performance, for either just the areas
improved, or customised to requirements, to ensure everything keeps working
as it should, and provide early warnings for issues before they become disasters


FREE help with MS Excel, with suggestions on how best to structure and execute complex data,


Excel tutorials which provide a practical way of learning a range of advanced Excel features, via a guided online tutorial where participants will build a Budgeting / Forecasting and Financial Planning tool for business or personal use, all by themselves!


Commercial Data / Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting


Supply Chain Consultancy,

Then please let me know! :-)


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