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Please note I haven’t read anyone else comments here!

I know that for a fact 60% of people I know that I have a close relationship with since I was a kid have started a business in some sort of way.

– Hobby
– Got an ABN and sells / auctions ebay items
– Consults to other companies / businesses
– Started a sole trading business and work for them selves.
– Started a company and they have 2-8 employees.
– Started a company and have 50 – 100 employees.

We don’t want too many people out there being successful and competing all in similar markets.

We are seeing this with Woolworths, Coles, IGA etc etc.

They are screwing their suppliers to the max so they can make $1 profit on one item…

When shit goes bad they loose a couple of Million dollars but it doesn’t matter. they have the market monopolized.

The suppliers are businesses too, beggars can’t be choosers.

First of all I think there are plenty of business out there already

By the banks dropping rates this makes investors spend their money.

When you have $1,000,000 in your account earning you 9% a year you don’t need to work…

When you have $1,000,000 in your account earning you 2.1 – 4% your sitting at home thinking of selling something or biting your nails going “how long will this go for….”

What happens… well they get on a plane, go to seminars and start opening their wallets…

This is when businesses that are in prime potion can grow overnight if they are looking for a silent cash injection fund to get them to the main stage.

If they have a product that can be sold in other markets or shops etc then everyone else also makes money and the economy starts to move again.

We can’t live in a world where banks can be giving out 9-10% saving or term deposit accounts for years and years.

I mean 90% of people that have more than $1,000,000 can live a comfortable life without lifting a finger.

There are too many people out there that cannot be business owners and run a successful business.

Mindset on poverty and businesses failing, no money in the system…. I will agree a lot has to do with mindset.

For example, someone said, James your getting paid on Friday $3000 and we won’t be able to pay you $3000 again for 10 weeks because we are running out of work.

What are you going to do?, your going to do everything in your power to make that $3000 last 10 weeks.

Now mindset shows me this affect would happen….

– You’ll ring around or go somewhere to do some extra working hours in a week with someone else to get some extra cash flow in.

– 80% of people would go oh…. oh well… bake beans on toast for 10 weeks it in and download movies off the internet and stay home every night, ask the parents for some extra dinner nights at theirs.

– Some people will quit the job or start finding a new job, in the middle of all this all hell breaks loose and things don’t work out.

It all started because the boss of the company told the employee that they were running out of work… well their mindset is ‘OH WE ARE F***ED!’ I better move on before we get run off.

The media are very powerful and business owners don’t get time to watch the news or see whats going on in the world, because they are busy making their own world be the way they want it.

I have people (not business owners, or once were) come up to me every day and tell me how bad the building industry is going… OH&S is forcing businesses out of business bla bla bla….

They tell me my business won’t succeed because of no work and falling economy, people are loosing jobs.

I say to them…. where have you been the last week?

They say ‘oh I’ve been at home watching the news and reading the paper’

Then I say ‘Oh right…’ *walk away*

The world will always have wars….

The world will always have the rich…..

The world will always have the poor….

The world will always have criminals….

The world will always have governments…..

The world will always have banks…..


In the next 20 years from now we are going to see a major shift in the economy in regards to money laundering and the poor people wheeling and dealing in cash.

It will become to a point where if you want to extract $100 out of the bank it’s going to cost you $10 – $30 penalty fee.

This is when we are going to see major changes…

Be ready for it, be prepared…

The changes are going be perfect for Governments because they are going to be able to keep track of funds 90% easier than the way they are now.

How this affects our economy I have no idea…. I feel confident that over the year’s we may see a decrease in tax we pay each year.

But cash does help those who dodge the system and let them blow or buy something without it really costing them the full amount…

I am sure some of you have done this before?

a tank of fuel costs $100

But it doesn’t cost you $100

It actually costs you $135 or more (depending on your tax bracket)

for anyone who doesn’t know this, for you to earn $100 cash you had to gross $135 or more in your pay, so you can pay your taxes first..