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Hobidi Bob, post: 210403 wrote:
I feel our Welfare system is partly to blame. Our government have create generations of “we deserve welfare” mentality. Just my 2 cents worth.

Hi Hobidi Bob,

The point of welfare is a delicate one. A welfare system is good. It allows people in a tough time some breathing space, gives them some comfort to come out a difficult situation. I know this, because my family benefited from the welfare scheme and I am grateful. And that’s probably why I’m happy to believe that my tax is being used to fund someone else’s welfare, probably a family similar to mine currently in need.

But the important thing is not depending on the welfare system or seeing it as a means to an end. Which is where I think your point was heading to. And being a topic about mindset, I can see how the welfare system can impact the innovative and creative side of individuals by providing a comfort zone.

I’d say that with some assurance that the welfare system is ensuring individuals don’t use their creative and innovative mindsets to do unlawful activities.

Alright, I guess we can keep the discussion going. But let’s not just discuss. Let’s also come up with ideas on executing something that will help mould this mindset at an early age through schools. I have a younger brother in school, so I’ll be probably seeing what interest he has in the subject and probably come up with a little course or practical syllabus that can be implemented in schools.

I’m sure I won’t be the first. If someone knows of this being done already and what were the outcomes etc., that’d be great to share. So let’s get some ideas.