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Jeanette , post: 210930 wrote:
I would LOVE to sell on E-bay but they don’t offer a digital download option….which is a real pity

Hi Jeanette,

Slight side step in conversation :)

From an avid eBay seller, and have been for years, i think it is actually a good thing that they have not moved into the digital download options and remained ‘tangible’..

It sort of supports their beliefs and guarantees that they put in place with PayPal and eBay itself.. Also, it sort of sticks with them being ‘real’ products and main brands, which is where most of the revenue comes from with eBay now as mostly new products are sold.

Cant see it changing either as, unfortunately, the digital download area can be fraught with issues from counterfeit/copies through to other issues that would be difficult for eBay to uphold their guarantees and the likes.


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