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LawsKay, post: 209768 wrote:
Hey Guys,
Please excuse me if this has been asked before, however i am just starting out in my business and starting my own online boutique….
I am currently using a supplier in USA however finding the shipping and prices to expensive to be able to resell here, however i have fallen in love with there products and would love to find something either here in Australia that is similar to what they stock or a manufacturer from china that i can use, however i just not sure where to look.
I have been researching wholesalers in Australia but just not having luck and the china ones I’ve found i’m not sure how to know if i should trust them.

If anyone would be able to give me any advise or help i would truly appreciate it.

Thank you
Hi I have just joined the forums and find some of the services we offer might help people look in the right direction when sourcing, particularly from China. You want to do your research first by defining the product you want. What is it made of, what features, the qtys of each style and sizes, how soon do you want them, what colours do you want. you begin to get an idea that for you to find the right suppliers you need to know what you are looking for. Are you prepared to pay for samples or sampling? What about price? Are you confident in negotiating the terms and conditions to your advantage? What if something goes wrong or you accidentally offend your contact. Spend some time learning some cultural and importing skills to make your importing project run smoothly.