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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi There,

Matthew is absolutely right in that if it’s not responsive these days then you’re not in the game.

Overall I quite like your website. You’ve obviously put some thought into key areas that are important for reassurance in the sale such as shipping and refunds.

I can see that you’re using Magento which is a great ecommerce system but by default the SEO configuration is quite poor. I can see on numerous product pages that your SEO meta description is something like

“Default Description” or “


* Plastic cheer horn with two small holes for strap.

* Great for sports games, celebration, holidays, etc.

* Colour: Red

* Material: Plastic

* Size: Approx.23cm long

* Package
” where you’ve included all kinds of HTML garbage in the description. This is most likely because the meta description hasn’t been set.

Google also tells me that it has indexed over 3000 pages for your website but on review I see far less than that in terms of categories and products. This is because by default Magento doesn’t include a robots.txt file to tell Google crawlers what it should index and what it shouldn’t.

Systems such as WordPress include this automatically which is why it often is forgotten by developers.

By default Magento also creates numerous views which may be seen as unique pages too such as the following


You have no content marketing strategy such as a blog and it seems that most of your product description pages are light on content and on quick review is using the default manufacturer’s description?

The aim with online stores is optimise the category pages as it’s likely they’ll be what is discovered should people not know the exact product they want as yet. Secondly you’ll optimise each of the product pages so that people search for prices on the exact product name will find your products listed on the first page.

Hope this helps. I would recommend an SEO audit and some onsite optimisation to get this website churning for you. Even though I think you’ve done a good job to this point you’ll still need to put significant effort in to get it churning.