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Guoguo, post: 209783 wrote:
Hi everyone,

The website of my company is about to launch and could you please give me some advice on my website, products, prices or anything to help me improve. Thanks in advance.

Do you buy stationery and office products online? What products do you prefer?

Hey there,

I liked the site. It’s colourful. It’s modern. But the member comments about being mobile friendly is absolutely essential. Do try and get that done as soon as possible.

I think building the website is one thing and making it actually get people engaged in transactions is another thing. It’s a tough space and one member did point out that in regards to supplies (maybe for small businesses), people like to visit a bricks and mortar shop as it’s an instant purchase and use. The delivery method would probably appeal to larger organisations that buy their stationary in bulk and store it. So that’s definitely one direction you should go towards.

If you’re targeting small businesses, then I’d suggest starting really small. To reduce the delivery times, maybe start focusing on a market just around your warehouse and really get them to know your product and your service. If they’re able to make a purchase online and have it delivered the next business day, I’d say that’s a good service.

But I like the look of the website. Focus on the mobile friendliness. Make sure you A/B test the user-flow. That will also go a long way as people who find it easy to make purchases are more likely going to be repeat customers.