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Byron Trzeciak
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I would recommend writing your own meta descriptions but of course you can base it on what is in the product description. If you’ve taken product descriptions directly from the manufacturer then I’d recommend to make them unique and come up with something yourself.

Your meta description can also be used as a call to action and to encourage the click through to your website. You could do something like the following

“Order P1102 M1212 Toner Cartridge. Same Day Dispatch. Free Shipping over $30. Buy Online Today.”

As an example.

This might be a large task for you to go through all of your products. My recommendation would be to focus on your category pages first. Optimise your categories for people searching for specify types of products but aren’t sure what they need as yet.

Take a look at JB Hifi for example if you search for the word “buy lcd tv”

You’ll find that the page that comes up for JB Hifi is their category page for televisions.

If however I search for a model such as “buy Soniq U65TX14A” then I’ll find the JB Hifi product page


With a unique meta description of “Sporting such features as SONIQ have created another winner. Grab a bargain on one today at JB Hi-Fi.”

I must admit it’s not a great meta description in my eyes but you get the point. and can see they’ve included the call to action of “grab a bargain on today at jb hifi”

Hope this helps.