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I think all of the above advice should point you in the right direction. It’s good advice/feedback.

For my part I disagree about the colours, or rather how they are used. They do indeed look smart and bright initially. But given you’re wanting people to stay on your site, get your selling message and buy, it needs a different perspective which you may find helpful as you work on your site.

I find the extensive use of the bright yellow very hard on the eyes. Not only in the banner, but particularly the borders. My eyes also keep geting drawn to the bright colour, whereas really they should be subtly made to focus on your content.

For example the free shipping etc banner should really hit me up front, Id find it a good reason to have a look around. It’s a good reason an impatient (15 second attention span!) visitor might stay any longer to consider your offering over others.

But in fact all I noticed to begin with was all the yellow. Those important parts of your offering are not highlighted at all (ie white background, plain text).

If you take the JB-HiFI link from the above post, at the time of writing you will see they also use bright yellow. My eye is also drawn to that.

But the JB yellow, aside from the banner, is immediately highlighting to me a special offer. The borders, in contrast, give me very little to distract me, other than more special offers and discounts. My eyes are immediately drawn to those special discounts, which is what they want me to see I presume.

So generally speaking, try to design your layout so the eye is subtly guided to your selling point. Also think about strengthening your selling point – why should people stay on your site, why should they buy from you and not someone else – and consider putting more of that on your site. This should be guided in part by research on what people are looking for, ie why they arrived at your site – give them what they expected to find!

There is a lot more to layout and design than this (for example better use of white space, more calls to action, more crafted content, targetting specific customers …), but I thought Id at least give you some basic pointers. It’s very important because for a small business, actually selling from your website is vital.

I would, as have others, question you getting visitors, as well as selling to them when they get there. Although mentioned above, it’s worth reiterating, your site did not come up when I searched for “color office supplies”. This may be because its a competetive term, but you need to decide for what terms you will compete, your chances of achieving that, and create site content accordingly. It is also likely because your site is presumably new. Still, you should decide on what you are going to compete for in the available searches out there.

I also wonder if Austrlians spell colour as colour or color! You way think this irrelevant, but it will give you differeing search results. The truth is they probably use both, but it’s a consideration.

Although you have included some good reasons to buy in the rotating image banner, research has proven these to be particularly ineffective because people largely ignore them just as they do an overall banner. I actually didnt notice those specials/discounts in the rotating banner until I went back for a second look to be perfectly honest.

So this is all meant to help you with the next steps. The site, as a first one, is good, and much better than many already on the net today! Hopefully this will at least point you in the right general direction to help you make more sales.

Good luck with the site – putting it up there is the easy part!