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Thanks for the link, I’ll give it a run.

I got interested in Meteor a while back and did the usual tutorials, and then got sidetracked but kept an eye on it, and Famo.us (originally came on it from a thread here).

Meteor hitting 1.0 and Famo.us actually having some documentation got me interested again, especially when I saw they can be integrated … opens up some pretty interesting stuff.

I’ve just come back to Meteor so it’s early days, but I’m convinced “the API economy” is coming, and asynchronous JavaScript/JSON looks like it will rule in the near future IMO.

I’ve been mucking about with some mapping API’s too, but not with Meteor (using Ruby/Sinatra) but I think Meteor looks a better option and Famo.us looks just plain exiting … forget about the DOM, no more bloated CSS frameworks.

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Cheers Greg