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Glad the link is of interest.

One reason I hung onto the bookmark was it goes into deploying to Openshift … something I’ve used a lot for Ruby, but have found Node/Meteor to be much more problematic.

The Atom link is a winner, ta.

I’ve been using Sublimetext 2, which is great for Ruby but I wasn’t enjoying using it for JavaScript and didn’t have it set up well for same … it’s been weird coming back to brackets and colons and JS style indenting, I had just started with Webstorm but was procrastinating as I find “kitchen sink” IDE’s daunting (they seem to have a steeper learning curve than the language).

Atom looks like it has the simplicity and clean look/feel of Sublimetext but easier to configure … seems very fast too.



While we’re chucking links around: http://javascriptweekly.com I get this weekly (started with his Ruby newsletter). It’s really just a series of curated links but lots of interesting stuff turns up, and there has been no cross marketing appeared from subscribing.