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I spent a bit of time using Angular, mainly just some tutorials to get the hang of it, but I actually didn’t like it much, and I’m a bit over anything that relies on Google input.

Have had a quick read up on React.js (originally from Facebook-but open source), like the look of that a lot more.

I’m suffering from a bit of “framework” burnout, start learning one and a more interesting one turns up tomorrow, so I’d been avoiding them, but Meteor does make it easier to quickly put up an app or site using Node.js. Meteor removes the need for a heap of boilerplate code but is still very flexible with what you can do with it … I think it has a lot to do with your use case … if you want “live” on the server and the client it’s got a lot of answers, including a mini DB on the client that maintains the illusion of a connection if the server or network get slow (usually a big issue in the native versus web based debate).

I guess some of it is to get web dev’s into native apps, but I’m seeing more of the “one code base for everything” happening. There’s a lot to be said for web based apps if network latency can be sorted, and also having access to the underlying hardware (as per Famo.us etc.).

As far as I’ve got with Famo.us, it’s a lot more like building a GUI for a native app, no bloated CSS. The doc’s are well worth a read to get an idea of how it works.

It’s very interesting times indeed.

edit: not sure if you were implying Meteor runs on Apache server ? It uses Node as the server …