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Need Leads?
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Hi Adam,

Please get in touch via my website as I currently sell property investor leads also and may be able to work out a deal with you.

Kind Regards
Sheryse Currey

Adam G, post: 209841 wrote:
Hi guys, first I’ll tell you a little about myself.
I’m supplying Property Investment Firms/Real Estate Agents with really really good quality Property Leads and First Home Buyers leads. I came into this without any capital so everything comes out of my very fast dwindling pockets.

I worked in Lead generation and appointment setting for 10 years before starting this and it’s frustrating because I honestly believe that my new innovative way provides the absolute best quality leads available.
I use the Internet as my main tool building a 400,000+ Property based audience over 10 years on my social media pages. There I generate true interest in areas and get many messages regarding tips on buying, where to buy and who to buy from. I then have an in-house appointment setting team that books appointments with these clients and also have the Leads from my online surveys to Telemarket warm leads that are already interested in Property.

My main issue is getting clients, If I call I am pushed away by receptionists and don’t get a chance to speak to a decision maker and if I email I never get a response.

I have had a couple of enquirys from Gumtree but I really really need help or advice on where or how I should be trying to get clients.

I truly believe I have a system that is worlds apart from other telemarketing companies that just use outsources, etc.

Would love to hear any advice, thanks so much for giving me your time.