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Good on you Adam for getting out there and starting your own business!

This would be one of the biggest mystery questions that startups are faced with. How do I get customers/clients! The beauty of this is, there is no one way of doing it. Yes there are ways that it is currently done, but people aren’t stupid and they catch on. They have employed their receptionist specifically to sift calls that they deem to be irrelevant. But little do they know that that phone call could have generated a handsome sum of income.

Now, how can you get around the receptionist? Well, you can’t most of the time. So, its pointless to call? Hell no! You should still call, but look at things from another point of view. How can I get around the blockade set up by the receptionist? Have you tried calling when the receptionist is not there? Generally speaking, the business owner or manager (i.e., decision maker) is usually the first person to arrive and the last to leave the office. One potential solution might be to adjust your hours of operation. General receptionist hours are 9am – 5pm – why not try calling in between 8:30-9am? or 5:00-5:30pm? Odds are that the business owner will think it is a potential client, i.e., a way of them to make money – so they answer the phone.

Another potential way is hosting seminars. This is an excellent way to present yourself as a specialist in your field. Host a quality presentation regarding lead generation. Don’t give away all of your secrets at this event, but teach attendees something that they didn’t know, or something that they themselves would not want to do and would want to outsource – perfect opportunity to then pitch your services. This would essentially plant a seed that would grow. The good thing about the event hosting is that the attendees would register for your event, meaning you have their contact details – perfect! You have been introduced and you can contact these people directly, once again eliminating the receptionist.

These are a couple of ideas, there are numerous things out there that you can employ to help you. But remember, sometimes you have to think outside the box because the most logical thing isn’t the most obvious thing.