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Adam G, post: 209841 wrote:
Hi guys, first I’ll tell you a little about myself.
I’m supplying Property Investment Firms/Real Estate Agents with really really good quality Property Leads and First Home Buyers leads. I came into this without any capital so everything comes out of my very fast dwindling pockets.

I worked in Lead generation and appointment setting for 10 years before starting this and it’s frustrating because I honestly believe that my new innovative way provides the absolute best quality leads available.
I use the Internet as my main tool building a 400,000+ Property based audience over 10 years on my social media pages. There I generate true interest in areas and get many messages regarding tips on buying, where to buy and who to buy from. I then have an in-house appointment setting team that books appointments with these clients and also have the Leads from my online surveys to Telemarket warm leads that are already interested in Property.

My main issue is getting clients, If I call I am pushed away by receptionists and don’t get a chance to speak to a decision maker and if I email I never get a response.

I have had a couple of enquirys from Gumtree but I really really need help or advice on where or how I should be trying to get clients.

I truly believe I have a system that is worlds apart from other telemarketing companies that just use outsources, etc.

Would love to hear any advice, thanks so much for giving me your time.


Good evening,

I would like to put in my piece and although I am young I have found myself creating revenue of 200K + conservatively within the first year on my case studies that I have completed as well as being used by an undisclosed firm to create revenue of 2mil plus within a year without any recognition… anyway im not here to talk about me i’m here to see if I can at least give you some form of linear goal to succeed, creating a stage A to stage B with the steps involved to reevaluate the businesses structure etc.

I feel the first step that should be done is to identify the customers, although you have to some extent, review the marketing trends that you have already utilize, use that information to focus marketing on those areas to minimize expenses on wasteful appointment setting. Remember quality over quantity, although its a crush on revenue on paper initially, realistically… its a cost saving mechanism no point setting appointments in areas that are ” quality ” but do not follow through.

I would also take your appointment setting aspect and truly look at it under the microscope, to the point of offering a medial prize for surveys done on these customers they have made appointments with to truly identify the failure between communication within the two departments.

Once identified you can work on meeting the downfalls and innovate ways to exceed those expectations, remember the sales cycle is the place to find any underlying issues that you may not be able to identify.

You said you have a truly unique system in comparison to other telemarketing firms. Ask yourself how and why? is it actually because your lead generation itself is from a source that isn’t a completely trustworthy source ( in the customers eyes ). How can you create that friendly link?

Also are you priming the business for initial sales or customer retention thus creating a memorable business name? Is it worth offering an ongoing mortgage reviewing aspect to your business, creating trust, integrity of the sale and also creating further revenue in the future and longevity of the business?

These are a few aspects to look at and i’m sure you probably have but remember don’t blow of aspects out of ” i know whats best ” as peoples aspect change daily to what might have worked in the past.

Anyway mate ask yourself, ask others an ask the public!!! the public will tell you as long as your open to it.

If you want to get in touch with me its [email protected]