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thwaitesy, post: 209903 wrote:
Hey all,

My brother in law runs a small construction business and has asked me over the phone if I know of anything for managing a small amount of employees for some tasks.

The problem he keeps having is that he has 12 employees, and in the mining industry you need to have all of your certificates up to date before you can be contracted out to work somewhere else. As he is running the business himself, he cant keep track of when each of everyone’s certificates are expiring and often some employees will go to work somewhere only to find out that there first aid certificate (or something else) expires that day.. What I was looking for was an online management system where I could set up a profile for each of his employees and have all of there certificates uploaded for easy reference, but have an option where I can set a reminder for an email or text to be sent to him where it will remind him that he needs to update their certificate. I think he doesnt use the computer that much as he is working non stop himself with various tasks around the place, so a notification system is a must (text would be great).

Does anyone know of anything? It really needs to be as basic as possible, and it doesnt matter if it isnt free.



We have a product that pretty much does this exact thing. It’s cloud based and allows you to input employees, certifications, look at when they expire, reports included etc.

I can send further information through. We are a software development company in Brisbane.