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ThexArm, post: 209942 wrote:
Hi Jason,

I am taking the first bite (lol).

I relate to this a lot and I am sure majority of soloists here do the same.

As I have come from corporate environment I sometime find is very difficult to focus on one thing. I have been so used to contributing my expertise in corporate area, doing everything and not having someone to bounce my ideas/opinions does take a toll on my performance.

When I did Innovation and Entrepreneurship module as part of my MBA, I asked a guest professor (who is a serial entrepreneur) this very question. Because as an entrepreneur you always have a lot of ideas and you find all ideas are good and important.

The answer was very simple. She told the class to “focus on the low hanging fruit first”.

You need to have various gates to check the validity of your idea. When an idea crosses certain gates and it is in monetizing stage that’s when you start to nurture your next idea.

Sorry for taking a few days to get back to you, or to thank you for your contribution, just been a little busy – and not distracted.. LOL

Its funny you mention corporate word, sort of resonated with me a little as i was similar and would be the go to person to resolve nearly all and any problems within this space when i was in corporate world as well.. From marketing, sales, management, etc etc – you get the gist :) so i understand that comment quite well.. TY….

Although i have heard low hanging fruits first in many scenarios, your comment from your lecturer was gold.. and in truth, i have referred back to this post a few times (and G’s), as i concentrate my efforts.. Although the post was not purely about moi, i have personally gained from the 2 ‘simple’ replies i have received..

Thanks for contributing mate, i appreciate it.


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