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estim8, post: 209974 wrote:
G’day Jason, good topic.

Until I was in my fifties I tended to bite off big chunks (read risk) when I thought I was on a winner of an idea. This usually meant my assets were at risk and the bank had my (you know whats) in a vice.

I found this tended to keep my focus pretty focussed … the ideas never stopped though.

In my old age my appetite for risk has waned, and my approach and motivation is different, though the ideas are still coming.

I’m convinced the trick is to understand your own capacity for financial risk and your strengths and weaknesses (with brutal honesty). Once you’ve done this you have some kind of paradigm to evaluate business ideas that you may actually follow through on … that eliminates 90% of them in my case (well, beyond the great idea stage at least).

I still jot down and or visualise stuff that may work within that personal paradigm (lifestyle, risk, time etc)… do a little research, if it still doesn’t stink, do a little more planning and experimenting.

Some ideas get up to the ‘serious’ list, but most go down the toilet at this stage.

Being at the back end of my working life I can treat the ideas as fun because I have something I never had before TIME.

I still have a couple of pots (business ideas) simmering, and allocate a certain amount of time a week to pursuing them … the difference is now, they’re no longer mission critical, so if it’s a beautiful day like today was, I’ll go pick tomatoes :)


Young Man,

How the heck you been? Missing you around here my friend :)

As always, love your twist and tale of what you want to share with us… Quite refreshing…

Your take on risk, adversity and so forth is so spot on.. More so in that everyone needs to understand their ability to be ‘exposed’ to the world and to what degree this ‘nudity’ may appeal to oneself.. Ok, i tried to be clever with analogies like you, but may not have been as successful.. LOL..

Personally, and this comes from a few interactions with yourself, i think your methodology in preparing for business (read that as risk) exposure is undeniably a practical look and anyone would benefit from looking at things your way – not saying you are right, but hell the thought behind the idea and logical approach is inspiring..

Thanks for that, i too have a few pots simmering, time to manage them i guess and incorporate Axes suggestion of low bearing fruits i guess :)

Be well mate and thanks again.


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