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thorn, post: 210148 wrote:
Congratulations on the cert III NEIS application – I’m sure you will do O.K.
Look, AliBaba is not the big bogey man it is made out to be – yes there are a few dodgy companies trying to scam unwary people, but these tend to be in most markets. It is simply a matter of protecting yourself by using the Escrow services AliBaba offer, and the Gold certification – the founder and CEO of aliBaba is a reputable man – he is in fact a multi billionaire and his reputation is more important to him than allowing low quality scams to flourish on his platform. I know from personal experience there are mostly legitimate businesses on AliBaba and it is in fact an amazing resource – Australians tend to be xenophobic and insular at times, and this can often restrict you from taking up opportunities – so learn about AliBaba and source some good quality, cheap crystals – don’t be frightened.
And no, I am not an affiliate for aliBaba!

Thanks Thorn!!! I appreciate your advice! I have found a couple of really good suppliers – I love their stock- and I have heard you can get some sort of bank letter which allows you to pay after youve seen the stock? A letter of credit? im going to check it out further myself, but would like to know if you know anything about it?