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I am by no means an expert and am not really what you would call social media savvy. I like LinkedIn as a platform, and yet I still can’t come to grips with posting on Facebook or Twitter as a means of promoting my business.

This is something I wrote that I do on LinkedIn.


I have about 700 connections, which in my mind is too many to have “real” business relationships with, but the more contacts you have the more potential connections you have access to, which could result in more opportunity. So its a bit of a balance.

Not that many people read the articles I write either, but every now and again I get a decent amount of views and business or referrals has come as a result of stuff I have written, it only takes one.

But I also find when I am active I get more profile views, more connections and more interaction. When I slow down like the recent Chinese New year holidays for me, all those things drop to next to nothing.

For me, it is all about the “social” part of social media. LinkedIn is a networking place. If you go to a real networking event and stand in the corner and just say Hi every now and again, you just can’t expect the same impact as if you get in there, mingle and make yourself known. It’s the same whether face to face or online.